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Indie-Porn-Short-Movies Festival


Pr0n* Competition: technology becomes pornography

*hack slang for porn

Aim of the pr0n competition is to create and share strategies, short-ways, tricks, pranks to 'dress-up' the techology into a porn tool. Technology is the protagonist of this competition! People have to deal with pornography using media or creating digital codes or any other video projects. There is no limits to the possible uses/derivations of technology. The real limits to cross are only the sexual stereotypes.

By emulating the hacker way of combining and recombining hard- and software into a more critical and all-encompassing technology, you can subvert rigid sexual paradigms and create new porn InterZones for yourselve and your community.

Contrary to the Porn Competition, here people don't have to perform with real bodies, but have to deal with their technical skills. Therefore it is not necessary participants come in Berlin to shoot their movies, but they can upload them in remote on the CUM2CUT server.

As the Porn Competition, the Pr0n marathon is 4 days long. You can choose to participate from 20 September to 24 October, registering yourself on the Pr0n form. After your registration, the Pr0n marathon starts! There are just a few "rules" to follow when making the short movie. You will receive them with you registration.

A mail-reminder will inform you on your time left. Within 4 days of competition, you have to upload your video on our server.

All of the films will be shown at the end of the Berlin Porn Film Festival at Kant Kino on 26 October. The Award Ceremony will be on 28 October at the same place (see Programme).

An expert jury formed by people involved in porn/queer/hacker subculture and experimental cinema will select two winners. The winners will receive a prize: not money, but something really special from the Cazzo Production Team and the Berlin porn scene!

At the conclusion of the Berlin Porn Film Festival and of the CUM2CUT Movies Competition there will be a great night-party at LUX club, on 27 October 2007 from 23.00h (see Programme). You are welcome to come!

Register your team now! ;-)

Registration closes on 24 October 2007.

Upload here your short movie!

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